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NL East Standings

|W|L|PCT|GB :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: |16|6|.727|- |11|9|.550|4 |10|10|.500|5 |8|12|.400|7 |8|13|.381|7.5

Updated 4/28 at 12:00 AM EDT

April Schedule

S|M|T|W|T|F|S :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: | | | | | |^1 ^2|^3 |^4|^5 |^6 |^7 |^8 ^9 |^10|^11 |^12 |^13 |^14 |^15 ^16 |^17 |^18 |^19 |^20|^21 |^22 ^23 |^24|^25 |^26 |^27 |^28 |^29 ^30 |

2017 Hitting

Stat|Name|Total -|-|- AVG|Realmuto, J|.362 R|Yelich, C|19 RBI|Ozuna, M|21 HR|Stanton, G|7 SB|Gordon, D|4

2017 Pitching

Stat|Name|Total -|-|- W|Chen, W|2 SO|Straily, D|24 SV|Ramos, A|3 ERA|Straily, D|3.92 WHIP|Straily, D|1.06

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2016 MLB Important Dates

|Date|Significance| |:--:|:--:| Apr 5|2016 Season Opening Day June 9-11|First-Year Player Draft July 2|Int'l FA Signing Period Begins July 10|Futures Game July 11|Homerun Derby July 12|All-Star Game July 18|Draft Player Signing Deadline July 31|Non-Waiver Trade Deadline Sept 1|Roster Expand to 40 Players Dec 2|Non-Tender Deadline

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