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^(LFG is a place for tabletop gamers to organize groups for the games they love to play.)

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> #RULES + TIPS > >1. Don't be a jerk. > >2. All posts are encouraged to take advantage of our Search-Friendly Stylizations (search the side bar) > >3. Check other users' posts, your ideal group may have already posted > >4. Flair your posts Open while searching, change to Closed when done > >5. No Services, Subscriptions, Registrations (unless it's free!) can be advertised or asked for > >6. Only share personal information (phone numbers, addresses, emails) by PM; you never know who's lurking! > >7. No video games (exception for DOS2 GM mode, check the stickied post)

>You can read the full /r/lfg Rules. Note that each moderator has their own interpretation of what does and does not constitute a breach of the rules.

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Read the rules post (linked above) and message the mods to get your community added.


Right now this just has rules and communities. Message us if you have ideas of other things you'd like us to add.

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