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The Library of Shadows

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Welcome to the Library of Shadows, the suspense fiction subreddit. Enter the library with caution, it is filled with things that go bump in the night, ladies with legs that go on forever, black shadows reaching out to drag you into the void and chilling tales that will leave you on edge.

The Library is meant for the patronage of adults, as the themes in suspense and horror fiction can be upsetting and unsuited for minors. Take this under advisement, and proceed with caution.

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Submission Guidelines and Rules

This subreddit was created in the spirit of pulpy submission-driven magazines and comics, like Weird Tales,Tales from the Crypt, Fangoria and others. Your submission is expected to fall within the suspense and horror genre, as well as be driven by good language and literary quality.

This subreddit doesn't come with a form requirement for how you tell your story; first person or third person omniscient, horror poetry, unbelievable or believable. Moderation discretion will be used for removals in regards to quality. Keep in mind that stories that may fit well on NoSleep or other forums, may not be suitable here.


For full ruleset - please look at the RULEPAGE.

  • 500 words minimum, 40,000 character maximum.

  • Genre-appropriate content of high quality - focus on literary quality. Posts that are self-referential as reddit posts or rely heavily on suspension of disbelief are better suited for r/nosleep.

  • Story posts must only contain the story itself (and social media links when applicable). Comments, questions for feedback or explanations are posted as a comment.

  • Format stories - hit enter twice for a new paragraph and avoid indents.

  • Don’t put X-post or NSFW in titles, use NSFW flair instead. For series, please put [Chapter 1] or [Part 1] and tag with the Series flair.

  • Titles must be literary titles; capital first letter on nouns and meaning-bearing words. Stories with titles in all caps or all lowercase WILL be removed. No clickbait titles. If your title sounds like a book, you're on the right track; The Girl on the Train and Call of Cthulhu are good examples.

  • You may post once every 24 hours.

Commenting Guidelines

Feedback, critique, and interaction is the backbone to becoming a better writer and to be part of a great community. Keep comments respectful and constructive. Comments that are perceived as derogatory, disrespectful or includes hate speech will be removed at moderator discretion.

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