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The Library of Shadows - Suspense fiction for readers and writers

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The Library

Welcome to the Library of Shadows, the suspense fiction subreddit. Enter the library with caution, it is filled with things that go bump in the night, ladies with legs that go on forever, black shadows reaching out to drag you into the void and chilling tales that will leave you on edge.

From supernatural horror to apocalyptic action, from the dark humor of zombie-comedy to the chilling reality of email logs, from monsters to mobsters, we prefer horror but we'll gladly display anything that makes you bite your nails and keeps you turning the page.

We aim to be a community for writers and readers alike – A social platform where your suspense fiction can find a new audience. A place where enthusiastic readers can find new, talented authors and writers on the rise. Self-promotion is encouraged – please include links to your facebook page, twitter, blog or self-publication site in the end of your post. If your story is a cross post from another subreddit, avoid X-post or similar it in the title. Include a link in the post instead.

The Library is meant for the patronage of adults, as the themes in suspense and horror fiction can be upsetting and unsuited for minors. Take this under advisement, and proceed with caution.


Commenting Guidelines

Feedback and critique and interaction is the backbone to becoming a better writer and to be part of a great community of people who love suspense and horror. Keep comments respectful and constructive. Comments that are perceived as derogatory, disrespectful or includes hate speech will be removed at moderator discretion.


Submission Guidelines and Rules

This subreddit was created in the spirit of pulpy submission-driven magazines and comics, like Weird Tales,Tales from the Crypt, Fangoria and others. Your submission is expected to fall within the suspense genre. It is a broad genre and we enjoy variety! Most submissions are longer stories accompanied by a link to your writing platform of choice, facebook; twitter, blog or a link to the purchase of your books or story collections.

This is a subreddit with no rules regarding the shape and language to your story; you are free to express yourself however you like. It doesn't have to be 1st person and believable – anything goes.

As an author, you retain the right to your work.




Your submission should involve a plot and characters. We employ a minimum 500 word limit, but no maximum. However - if you have a long-form, novel length story it is encouraged to break it up in several posts. It does not have to follow a series format, where each post has a beginning and end, but can pick up where the last post ended. This will make it easier for your readers to follow your story, as well as respects reddits 40,000 character/post limit.


Please format your submission so we can read it. Wall of text posts will be removed, and you will be asked to re-submit a reformatted version. Hit enter twice between paragraphs and avoid indents. Do not put X-post or similar in the title. If NSFW, use the NSFW flair instead.


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