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The Library

Welcome to the Library, Reddit's premier online suspense fiction magazine. From supernatural horror to apocalyptic action, from the dark humor of zombie-comedy to the chilling reality of email logs, from monsters to mobsters, we prefer horror but we'll gladly display anything that makes you bite your nails and keeps you turning the page.


We are all about self-promotion. This is a subreddit for writers to find readers and for readers to find writers. We do allow critiques, but that's not why we're here. We aren't writers clubs like the other fiction subreddits; we aren't workshops, we are a glass case for aspiring writers to hook readers with their talent and reel them into their fanbase.


The Library is meant for the patronage of adults, and some content may be too strong for those with weaker constitutions. Viewer discretion is advised. By reading and submitting material here you are indicating that you are of age in your country of origin to consume and produce such materials and cannot hold the admin/s or fellow submitters responsible for any offense accrued by above consumption of text in the Library.



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