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Life Is Strange - Weathering the storm

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Life Is Strange is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix. The game's plot focuses on Maxine Caulfield, a photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time at any moment, leading her every choice to enact the butterfly effect.


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Episode 1 - Chrysalis

Episode 2 - Out of Time

Episode 3 - Chaos Theory

Episode 4 - Dark Room

Episode 5 - Polarized


Dontnod's first game. An action-adventure sci-fi set in Neo-Paris.

Dontnod's third game coming sometime in 2017. An action RPG set in 1918's London.

Sailing on high winds.

Life Is Strange role play set at Blackwell Academy.

Discussion about "interactive cinema" games like Life Is Strange.


Read the full rules with explanations: HERE.

§1   Remember to follow reddiquette.

§2   All LINK posts should be directly relevant to the video game Life Is Strange. TEXT posts can be indirectly relevant.

§3   All submissions that are NSFW must be marked as such.

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If your submission contains spoilers:

Put [EP_ SPOILERS] at very start of the title, replacing _ with the latest episode that your post might spoil.
Example title:
> "[EP2 SPOILERS] The game mechanic that makes LIS different"

If your comment contains spoilers past the spoiler scope of that post:

Use the following format/markup:
"[EP_ SPOILERS](#s "Life Is Strange features time travel")"
For example, in a hypothetical post titled "[EP1 SPOILERS] Something about Life is Strange":

> I really love that EP2 SPOILERS

In a post with, for example, [EP2 SPOILERS] in the title, you do not have to tag spoilers from Episode 1 or Episode 2.

If you mis-tag spoilers in a submission title, your submission will be removed and you will be asked to resubmit.

If you mis-tag spoilers in a comment, your comment will be removed and re-approved once you have edited it to correctly follow these rules.


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