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The death of Clearchannel Entertainment.

"an idea sanctuary in action" -

"In terms of pure quality to post ratio, nothing on reddit even comes close to listentous."
- /u/evilnight

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r/listentous is just another music subreddit.

Wait, no, it's the best damn music subreddit. What makes it so great? Our submitters, our voters, and you. Participate in elections and help everyone discover and share the best musics!

Elections happen monthly and votes from the community determine which 7 entrants get the privilege of being submitters for the next month. Elections begin on the 1st of every month.

Do you have the best ever taste in music? Prove it by entering an election! See our last election for how it's done.

A handy guide to election entrance formatting

  • Only one post every 24 hours.
  • Format your title!
  • No tracks over 27 minutes.
  • No "hits" or corporate bullshit music.

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