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  • It contains kink-related content.
    While some dynamics featured here are non-sexual, do not post any content involving anyone under the age of 18 in any context.

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/r/littlespace is a gathering place for those for those involved in the CG/l or DDLG lifestyle to share themselves, start discussions, post interesting links and generally explore and share with those with similar interests.

We're welcoming to everyone, whether you're a little, middle, caregiver, switch or just someone curious about the dynamics, relationships and lifestyles expressed in our community.


  • Be polite.
    All users are expected to be civil when posting here. We do not tolerate derogatory language, harassment, shaming, personal attacks or any forms of bigotry.

  • No personal ads.
    You can find a list of personals subreddits at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • No soliciting of any kind.

  • No call-out threads or witch hunts.
    If there is an issue with another persons content, please let us know through modmail instead.

  • Explicit content must follow our content guidelines.

  • For a full list of our rules, click here.



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