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This is a place for Littles and Caregivers to get a bit more personal. Show off yourself, your Big/CG, your Little, share links, start discussions, and get to know each other!

Open to all Littles and Caregivers, as well as people just curious about or interested in the relationships, lifestyles, and dynamics associated with this subreddit.


  • Users posting with the purpose of being offensive, derogatory, hurtful, harassing or shaming other users will be subjected to a three-strike policy: warning, temporary ban, perma-ban; and will have their post removed.
  • No personal ads or relationship-seeking posts. Please use the personals section in the sidebar instead.
  • When advertising chat rooms, Skype groups or forums, please ensure that you include that they are 18+. If your post is missing this information, it will be removed.
  • No soliciting of any kind.
  • Posts calling out another user or group of users - either directly or indirectly - will be removed. If there is an issue with another persons content, please let us know through modmail.
  • Pornography is permitted only if it is created by the user posting it, is dynamic-related in subject matter, and is flaired properly as NSFW.

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