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A place to talk about the good/bad/awkward things that occur here

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A place to post pictures, comments, and anything you want about Grindr.

(If you have any other gay dating related stories from another app like Scruff, Jack'd, A4A, feel free to post as well.)

Now with FLAIR. Just go to your user name in the side and write in the name of your gay dating site persona.

Things to know

I. Posts that are rude or malicious in nature will not be tolerated and will be removed. This includes making fun of people's photos for perceived unattractiveness.

II. You must blur out all social links and usernames from the posts. These will be removed, but you may repost after fixing.

III. It is now required to blur out faces (either with blur tool or a simple black spot). We will remove these posts and point it out to posters. If your post is removed, you may fix it and resubmit. This is simply for anonymity's sake.

IV. This sub is 18+, meaning it is NSFW all the time. Explicit images are posted here from time to time, and while we would appreciate if you label posts featuring these images as such, we wil not enforce a lack of labels.


Most importantly

This is a friendly community. We don't want to create too much negative energy here. We're giving a lot of free liberty here considering the nature of the subreddit but if anyone feels threatened or uncomfortable by user content, they should contact the mods immediately.

Accounts less than 24 hours old, or those having less than a certain level of karma Redditwide, will find their post automatically removed. This is to cut down on trolls and spam accounts.

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