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Welcome, GMs!

This is our private blog, a special resource for Reddit's GMs. Feel free to share and discuss original lore, story arcs, sub-plots, and plans for quests and encounters of all sizes.

Utilize this subreddit like an incubator for cunning schemes. Need a quest for your next session? Search for one here.

Posting Rules

Unless linking to an online [resource], use self-posts and embed your media within them.

When asking for critiques, please provide specific questions or issues.

To simplify searches, use the appropriate title format for self-posts on the topics below.

  • [NPC] RP strategies and backstory for a paranoid halfling Mages Guild alchemist
  • [Faction] Mysterious tiefling gypsies that keep sell their demon-hunting skills for gold
  • [Monster] Shore-dwelling goblin tribes that wield nets and tridents
  • [Item] A glass that never spills when you drink from it
  • [Trap] A tripwire releases a gelatinous ooze on the far end of a hallway
  • [Puzzle] A dungeon floor is covered with rellanic symbols, and must be crossed using a certain path
  • [Dungeon] The PCs find themselves in an organic structure that glistens with slime – that's because they're inside a Great Wyrm
  • [Encounter] A goblin ambush for PCs traveling by wagon
  • [Minor Quest] An odd sculptor goes missing in his workshop
  • [Major Quest] A dwarven king tasks you with uniting his broken kingdom
  • [Location] An industrious dwarven city situated deep below a mountain range
  • [Campaign] In a low-magic world dominated by militaristic tribes, an enraged god plans to destroy all life
  • [Resource] Web dungeon generator


  1. Be sure to hyperlink to your [campaign] post whenever you mention it, so others can get the context they need to help you out.
  2. When you're ready to launch a new campaign, head over to /r/lfg or /r/roll20lfg, where you can find PCs who are looking for dedicated GMs like you.
  3. Inspired to write about your histories more descriptively and in-depth? Head over to /r/fantasywriters and /r/scifiwriting to get started.

GM Blogs

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