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DIY Loudspeaker building overview.

Speaker information not taught in college electronics class can be found here. They cover the basics. Here you will find tricks of the trade that require years of speaker building to learn. The "Single sided 2 way system" should have been a lab class project but wasn't. It's designed to teach the most important information in the shortest amount of time.

This compilation of loudspeaker building information and parts sellers is primarily for home speakers. If you have questions about anything I've said you can use the message the mods button to send me a private email, I will try to get you a good answer as soon as I can.

I want people to enjoy their music as much as I enjoy mine. The stockholders of speaker parts builders and sellers don't care if you ever build a good pair of speakers, they just want your money, over and over, if they can. There is a lot they can do to fool you. The gasket on most woofers is on the front side, it should be on the rear side of the basket. Yes, it makes a difference. Most capacitors are well over 250 Volts, 100 Volts sounds best. The cap makers will never tell you to not mix the voltages of caps in parallel. If you do it can ruin your speakers fidelity and you will think you made a mistake and not have a clue as to what went wrong.

There are no schools for loudspeakers like there are for violins etc. Many books are as confusing as they are helpful. This site is intended to be like a school and provide common and hard to find information, to build a working pair of above average speakers. Much of the information in the charts and graphs focuses on the information needed for solving problems before they happen, and for making better informed decisions.

My tech school spent two days of lecture on loudspeakers, they should have spent two weeks or more because there is more than enough material to learn to fill two weeks of lecture., sheds a lot of light on how much is NOT taught to students.

Copy this link,, to paste in and search the Way Back machine, ( many posts and chart links can be found there. Add more there if you want to. I expect that the Way Back Machine will outlast Imgur and Reddit, I hope I'm wrong. Copy and paste the sidebar to a safe place for future reference, just because it is a good idea.

(12-13-18) I wish reddit didn't break the traffic counters for the 2016 election. They screwed up the one for this sub real bad. However, after about a year and a half of glitchy bar charts and accidentally showing me some numbers I usually don't get to see, Im happy to report that the daily traffic count is between 300 and 600 a day, depending on the season. Summer break is the lowest and Saturday mornings and Sunday nights are often very busy. That's a lot of speakers being built. September is a peak month as students return to school with news of what they built. Thanksgiving and Christmas break are very busy :)

The following links go to charts, graphs and short essays. Click twice on the pics to get an enlarged view.

How speakers make sound:

Single sided 2 way system

Vas and cabinet volume

Liters conversion

Speaker cabinet building tips

Basic Crossover schematic and SPL correcting resistors schematic

SPL correcting resistors chart (old)

How to find SPL single resistor reducer sizes. (L Pad calculator:

SPL and Loudness

Crossover Orders

Crossover Slopes

Bessel is Better

db/loudness/power graph

Decibels and Voltage and Power distribution

Damping, see more here:

Elves Hair now called Angle Hair

Amps, Ohms, Wire size


Coils, pics

Coil unwind chart

Coils series aiding

Good frequency response looks like this



Testing your speakers

Speaker builders argue all the time

Charts are tone deaf (Link:

Loudspeakers are a flawed technology

1970 sub bass

Bass loss compensation circuit

Someone should make these caps

My capacitor bread board

Why do caps sound so different?

Capacitor Evaporation

Audio Capacitor Characteristics 1

Audio Capacitor Characteristics 2

Choosing Capacitors 1

Choosing Capacitors 2

Causes of Speaker Failure

Crimp Connectors

Speaker Drivers Parts

One of Mine

Everyone has my permission to copy, repost, distribute, or print to paper any of the jpegs I've posted here. Everyone has my permission to do the same with my text in the self posts.

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