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Low End Gaming

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In this subreddit we roll our eyes and snicker at minimum system requirements. This is a community for anyone struggling to find something to play for that older system, or sharing or seeking tips for how to run that shiny new game on yesterday's hardware. Found a cool game that runs fantastic on a lower end system? Great! Do you have a guide for running a newer game below the minimum requirements? Share it!

Subreddit Rules

  1. "What can I run?", "can I run?" and game recommendation questions MUST be posted to the Weekly Thread. Any other posts containing these questions will be removed.
  2. There is no strict definition for what constitutes a low end game or a low end system. Please don't accuse others of not having a low end system. Further, please refrain from asking if a game counts as "low-end", as such a question is ambiguous at best.
  3. Any posts asking technical questions must include the specs of your computer. Running dxdiag or an application like speccy can help you easily figure out your specs.
  4. Do not link to pirating or abandonware sites. While discussion of emulation is permitted here, do not suggest emulation as a means of piracy. As a rule of thumb, if a practice is not absolutely legal, it is not allowed to be discussed.
  5. Self-promotion is not allowed, with the following exceptions: YouTube videos may be shared if they target a low-end audience and are not let’s plays or game reviews. Self-published games and mods may be shared if they are relevant to a low-end audience, but the author must get moderator approval before posting. Lastly, any content that is shared more than once will be considered spam, and users that engage in any self-promotion more than once a month will be considered spammers.

Helpful links:

Other great subreddits:

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  • /r/indiegaming - Many indie games are perfect for lowenders
  • /r/RotCom/ - Emerging sub with an emphasis on low-end online gaming
  • /r/GameDeals - Find the best bargains on games.
  • /r/gamingsuggestions - Unsure about what to play?
  • /r/ShouldIBuyThisGame - For indecisive gamers.
  • /r/GameSociety - Reddit's "book club" for games.
  • /r/willitintelhd - For Intel HD graphics owners.
  • /r/NoVideoCards - Really low end!
  • /r/MUD - For those interested in text-based online RPGs.

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