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Lynxes: The big cats with fluffy ear tufts!

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A community for all things lynx related!

The Lynx is a feline creature most famously characterized by its ear tufts, fluffy beard-like fur and its short tail.


  • Be respectful.

  • Only make posts that relate to true lynxes. That includes Eurasian Lynxes, Canada Lynxes, Iberian Lynxes and Bobcats. Certain cats like the Caracal may resemble lynxes but are merely impostors.

  • Humorous posts are allowed

  • No anti-lynx content.

  • Posts/comments promoting your own website, cause, subreddit, etc. are not allowed unless they are cleared by the mods prior to posting. Promoting your own products/sub may result in a ban.

  • Please don't repost often. You can check to see if your post is a repost here.

Repeat offenders will be banned

The moderators of /r/lynxes reserve the right to remove posts at their own discretion. If you think your post has been caught in the spam filter or wrongly removed, feel free to message the mods to check.

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