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Posting Guidelines

Please read all of the following guidelines before posting. They are here to ensure quality posts. If you make a quality post, you can expect quality advice. If you don't expect us to do all of the work for you.

  1. Include additional information (either as self post or in comments section) ! Don't just have title with "wat do?" and an album.

  2. Post pictures from ****multiple angles (don't forget pulled back if it is relevant!).

  3. Include any hair preferences, restrictions, and inspiration (photos).

  4. Don't cover your entire face in your photos.

  5. Don't just ask "What do I do?" See rule 3 above.

  6. Don't just post a picture and ask how to get that style. You'll need to include your hair type as well when asking.

  7. If you are posting an update or success, describe your routine/products used!

  8. Please do not repost unless you didn't get any advice the first time.

  9. Please be polite. Insulting other users will result in a ban.

  10. If you downvote some, please leave a comment explaining why. If you have a better idea, share it!

Posts that break any of these rules will be warned or removed at the discretion of the mods.

Here's an example of a good post and an example of a bad one.

If you are looking for hairstyle ideas:





Lhaze collection of different haircuts

Here are two great inspiration albums to look through.

Here's a great post for general and popular haircuts from our friends over at r/malefashionadvice

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Handy Guide for Styling Hair:

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