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Male Models

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A subreddit for those who appreciate the male supermodels of the world!


  1. Post images, GIF or videos of male model.
  2. You can post pictures from photoshoot, magazine cover, outtakes, lookbook, campaign, runway, backstage, editorial, digital/polaroid, street style (of a male model), or their personal social media update.
  3. Title should contain the name of the model, preferably with the photographer name and/or the magazine. A help to ID the nameless male model posts are very appreciated!
  4. Please post your images on Reddit or RES-friendly sources on sites like Imgur, Tumblr, etc. or post a direct link to the image itself. Please refrain from posting a blog or web links. You can post this in the comments as your source.

  5. Please post pictures of acclaimed male fashion model or fitness model.

  6. Models should be mostly clothed, but preferably not too much. If you want to post images of celebrity, cute boy-next-door, or maybe NSFW naked or full frontal nudity, please refer to the related subreddits.

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Thanks to all the submitters for making this community a great success! We couldn't do it without you!

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