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You have knowledge. Share it. (/r/manuals)

/r/MANuals is a place to share information with other men. Special knowledge, techniques and accomplishments can all be shared here.

Posting the topic matter before the thread is preferable for quick reference. Here's a running list:

  • [Defense] - For info related to personal protection.

  • [Home] - For home improvements and maintenance.

  • [Security] - Protection mechanisms for home, identity, computer, etc.

  • [Cook] - Men love food. Post recipes or pictures of food. For anything to include food and drink (alky drinks included).

  • [Science] - Science is the way we further our mastery of the world. Anything science related from the chemistry of beer to space physics.

  • [Weapons] - Dangerous items meant to maim and kill.

  • [Projects] - /r/MANuals vikings do some incredible things. Use this topic to get your due street cred or get planning support from others.

  • [Social] - A gentleman knows how to talk to others, including women. Feel free to use this to post your successes in social engineering romantically and otherwise.

  • [Health] - Take care of yourself for better looks, longer life and better overall quality of life.


  • /r/Manuals doesn't hate. Womens are perfectly welcome to post. Be a gentlemen if and when they come around.

  • Adding the topic identifier to your post isn't required. It just makes things easier.

  • Oh yes, there will be trolls. We deal with trolls like a man would deal with a minor ringing in his ears. Ignore it. Don't upvote, don't downvote, and don't argue with them. Our time is too valuable to be spent on trolls.

  • Please refrain from submitting links to Men's Rights issues. There are just better places for this content. /r/manuals isn't set up for it.

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