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> #Mashups

> * This subreddit is meant exclusively for music related mashup content.

> * A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another.

> * If you aren't sure if it's a mashup, listen to it without video. If you can tell it's two or more songs together, then it's a mashup.

> * Medleys, I.E strings of songs with 'transition periods', are not considered mashup content.

> #Format

> * Mashup Artist - Song Name (Most Prominent Artists Being Mashed) - [Time] Comments

> * Mashup Artist and Comments are both optional. Omit the ' - ' in front when leaving out the mashup artist. The spaces are required.

> * If you are submitting something other than a mashup, please use one of the following tags: [Discussion], [Meta], & [News].

> * Here are some perfect examples:

> My First Mashup (Childish Gambio, Daft Punk) - [1:23]

> Joe Schmo - My First Mashup (Childish Gambino, Daft Punk) - [1:23]

> Joe Schmo - My First Mashup (Childish Gambino, Daft Punk) - [1:23] I have no idea what I'm doing!

> [Discussion] Where else do you find mashups?

> * Failure to properly format will result in immediate annihilation via /u/AutoModerator

> #Request Post

> * All requests go in the weekly request thread made by /u/AutoModerator.

> * Do not make a request thread

> * Your request post will be removed and you'll be banned for 30 days minimum.

> #Tags

> * If you're submitting a post that isn't a mashup, tag it with one of the following tags: [Discussion], [Meta], & [News].

> * [Discussion] to discuss any other sort of mashup related topic that isn't isolated to just /r/mashups.

> * [Meta] for things such as contests, challenges, or anything else isolated to just /r/mashups.

> * [News] for articles related to the mashup scene.

> * Failure to properly tag will result in immediate annihilation via /u/AutoModerator

> #Daily Limit

> * You are only allowed to post one song every 24 hours.

> * Any more and they will all be removed.

> * If you make fake accounts, all accounts and posts will be permabanned.

Fun Stuff

> #Get your Flair

> * If you make mashups by a different name, set your flair to it. So people can recognize you.

> #~~r/Mashups Contests~~ ^old

> * Weekly Mashup Challenge #21

>> * Challenge Description Thread #21

>> * Last week's champion was /u/killtherowboat

> #Hold a Mashup AMA

> * If you're a mashup artist and would like to hold an AMA please contact the mods.

> * Click here to contact us.

> #Special events

> * If you want to do something special contact the mods before doing it.

> * We recommend giving mods at least 48 hours advanced notice.

> * Otherwise you and your friends may get banned over a misunderstanding.

> * The last special event...

> POING Bonanza 2016


> #Tutorials

> * How to Make a Mashup

> #~~Links~~ ^old

> * Best of December 2013! Cadfad's Best Of collection! The Essential Albums List (15k Edition) The Essential Albums List (75k Edition) List of redditor made mashup albums Recommended artists and sites PlugDJ Room Continuous playlist on Visual breakdown of mashup albums and songs MashStix MashupCiti * MediaFire Archive

> #Related Subreddits

> * /r/Music /r/listentothis /r/ICoveredASong /r/AlbumArtPorn /r/mashupsamples /r/monthlymashtapes /r/IsolatedVocals /r/Instrumentals /r/SongStems /r/GfycatDepot (new) /r/hiphopheads

Best of the Best

> #Jax's Seal Approval

> * Click here to see the list

> #Korak's Seal Approval

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