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Welcome to /r/MassEffect

This subreddit is a forum for people who love the Mass Effect universe - the games, books, comics, and DLC.

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All rules are subject to moderator discretion. If you have a question about a removal or the reason for removal, please message the mods via modmail. Please read the sidebar before posting.

  1. No harassment, flaming, discrimination, bigotry, unsolicited sexual commentary, or incitement of illegal activity. Political discussions that approach unruliness will be locked and removed.
  2. No spoilers in titles. Tag spoilers in comments and text as shown below.
  3. You must flair all your submissions correctly and appropriately.
  4. No memes, macros, low-effort posts, or posts created only for ranting and not discussion.
  5. Self-promotion is allowed twice per month for active members only (not including low-effort posts). Self promotion should be limited to a 1:9 link post ratio.
  6. All posts must be Mass Effect-related in content, not just in title.
  7. No DAE posts or grandstanding posts.
  8. No Ryder- or Shepard-sharing. Please see our sister subs, /r/ShareYourRyders and /r/ShareYourSheps.
  9. List of banned topics: Manveer Heir


> Please read the following FAQ before posting. Submissions regarding FAQ questions will be removed. Also check out our Andromeda FAQ. > > What does "OT" stand for? >
> In our sub, "OT" stands for "Original Trilogy," and refers to Mass Effect 1-3, excluding Andromeda. > >Is the ME3/MEA multiplayer still active? > >Yes. Please visit r/MECoOp. > > Which DLC should I get? >
> Check out this OT DLC FAQ by u/rowan72. >
> Is Mass Effect: Andromeda really that bad / worth it? >
> Andromeda went on sale pretty soon after release and currently goes down to about $12-30 USD. Here are some threads discussing this topic, but most users will say that the game is worth getting at the discounted price. > > Do I need to play the OT before playing Andromeda? > > Technically, no. However, it is generally highly recommended you do so, as playing the OT will greatly enhance your understanding of MEA. > > What mods are available/recommended for Andromeda? > > Here is a link to a list of mods for Andromeda.

Tagging Spoilers

> Spoilers can be posted in the comments using the following formatting: > > SPOILER > > which will show up in your post like this: > > SPOILER > > For game-specific versions: > > ME1 SPOILER > > ME2 SPOILER > > ME3 SPOILER > > MEA SPOILER > > which will show up like this: > > ME1 SPOILER > > ME2 SPOILER > > ME3 SPOILER > > MEA SPOILER

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