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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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This sub x-posts from the following subreddits, disguising their source so you won't know how it will end!

  • /r/nonononoyes
  • /r/yesyesyesyesno
  • /r/nononono
  • /r/nonononoaww
  • /r/yesyesyesno
  • /r/nonoyesyesnonononono
  • /r/yesyesyesdamn
  • /r/nononomaybe
  • /r/nonononoyesno

Original posts are definitely allowed and encouraged!

Update 2015-10-26:
This sub now disguises the origin of the posts by replacing all titles with "Maybe Maybe Maybe". If you prefer the "original flavor" (i.e. leaves the post titles alone) check out /r/maybemaybeoriginal.

Source for /u/maybemaybemaybe_bot: Github

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