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Welcome to /r/mead!

A place for mead makers and drinkers to talk about their passion.


Set your knowledge level.

Mead Chat

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The mead subreddit wiki and FAQ are valuable resources.

Please consult Basic Problems (AKA: Did I ruin my mead?) before submitting your question.

When you ask a question, please include as much of following as possible:

  • Ingredients
  • Process
  • Specific Gravity Readings
  • Racking Information
  • Pictures

Do not be rude to users who have not consulted the wiki.


Link | Description ---|--- GotMead Calculator| Useful tool for nearly every mead-making related calculation. Backup Calculator | Useful if GotMead is down. /r/mead/wiki| Information by and for the community. Batchbuildr Toolbox | Allen Jones's collection of mead calculators. Beginner Recipes | Via our wiki. Storm the Castle Recipes | One of the oldest meadmaking sites out there. Some information may be dated, but these recipes are tried and true. Document Compilation | Meadmaking documents compiled by /u/nicebootyguurrrrlll. Additional Reading | A list of additional resources via our wiki.

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