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Media Criticism

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Videos illustrating flaws, propaganda, and general bull$#!t in the mainstream media.

The purpose of this sub is to share videos and discussions that illustrate problems with the mainstream media such as:

  • sensationalism / fearmongering

  • distraction from important issues

  • euphemism and "spin"

  • controlling the conversation

  • discouragement of nuance

The point of this is to make concrete and clear the failings of "the system" using examples, so that people can easily gain a gut-experience of the ways in which our systems of public discourse are inadequate.


  • Be respectful at all times. Disrespectful comments are grounds for immediate ban without warning.

  • All posts must be related to the media. This is not a news subreddit.

  • "Good" examples of media are strongly encouraged! Please designate them with a [GOOD] tag

Not Allowed:

  • Shitposting, trolling, capslock, shill accusations, etc

  • State media such as RT, Sputnik, PressTV, etc (used as a source for a claim). However, criticism of these outlets is allowed.

  • Too many duplicate threads / excessive number of posts from the same user on the same day.

Content determined by mods to be devoid of educational value will be removed. For instance, any post:

  • encouraging partisanship or bias

  • inciting outrage

  • taking "cheap shots"

NOTE: Please use the REPORT BUTTON underneath a link or comment to help improve the level of discourse on this sub. It sends your complaint directly (and only) to the mods so we can remove subpar content.

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People we love:

  • Aldous Huxley

  • Neil Postman

  • Marshall McLuhan

  • Adam Curtis

  • (more to be added soon)

Anything by or about these guys will surely be welcome.

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