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THIS SUB IS FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. We like to think of /r/medicine as a lounge where medical professionals can talk about the latest advances, controversies, ask questions of each other, have a laugh, or share a difficult moment. Although primarily aimed at physicians, we distinctly encourage other health care professionals to add their voice to the discussions.

Subreddit Rules

Violations will be dealt with by some combination of warning, comment/post removal, temporary ban or permanent ban, based on moderator discretion.

  1. All posts must a) have a STARTER COMMENT and b) USER FLAIR must be displayed. Posts must be followed by at least one comment from OP as to why the link is of interest to the community, and to start a conversation. Text posts do not require an additional comment. In addition OP must ensure they have selected an appropriate flair so that the community understands which view point the post is coming from. Posts not conforming to these rules may be removed.
  2. No personal health situations. This includes posts or comments asking questions, describing, or inviting comments on a specific or general health situation of the poster or their friends, families, or acquaintances. Please try /r/AskDocs.

  3. This is not AskMeddit. This means that laypeople should not post questions of the "askreddit" variety. This includes questions about medical conditions, prognosis, medications or other medical topics. Lay people are allowed to submit posts of general medical interest.

  4. Link to ORIGINAL research. Scientific posts or posts which otherwise rely on evidence (e.g. an announcement about a medical breakthrough) should be from peer-reviewed medical journals or respectable news sources (as judged by the mods) and not behind a login or paywall. Try to link to the original study where possible. Please submit all direct links to PDFs as self posts with the link in the text. Posts with sensationalized titles will be removed.

  5. Act professionally. /r/medicine is a public forum that represents the medical community and comments should reflect this. Please keep your behavior civil. Trolling, abuse, and insults are not allowed. Keep offensive language to a minimum.

  6. No personal agendas. No surveys or self-promotion. Posts/comments by redditors who rarely participate in /r/medicine and/or whose history suggests their interest in medical matters is mainly concerned with a single medical topic will be removed. Surveys are not allowed on this subreddit. Promoting a personal website is not allowed - If the majority of your posts involve a website or blog that you are involved it, they will generally be removed.

  7. No protected health information should be posted on Meddit.

  8. No careers threads outside the weekly post. No questions related to medical school. No homework help. Questions relating to admission, pre-med, medical school, careers, courses or exams should be asked elsewhere. A compilation of careers and specialty threads is available on the subreddit wiki.

  9. No throwaway accounts. Posts from user accounts less than a week old and/or with less than 10 comment karma will be removed by the AutoModerator.

  10. No memes. We welcome personal submissions and well-written concerns or stories, but please present them in an intelligent fashion.

In addition, we ask that medditors refrain from commenting on posts which are in violation of the rules above, and to follow general reddiquette.

Meddit has a tight spam filter. If your post doesn't show up shortly after posting, make sure that it meets our posting criteria. If it does, please message the moderators and include a permalink to your post in your message.


There a number of smaller, more specific medicine-related subreddits, including those listed above for medical students. Please find these on our subreddit wiki.

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