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you, me, us, irl, reddit style


> 1. All posts should be u irl. > 2. No trolling, harassing, or general rudeness. We will remove abusive posts and comments. Flagrant or repeated abuses will lead to a ban. Notably, this includes encouraging other users to commit suicide. > 3. Any revelation of personal information, yours or others, will be removed and the offender will be given an immediate ban. > 4. All posts must be titled "meirl", "me irl", or "me_irl". One Emoji between "me" and "irl" is ok > 5. No gore please. > 6. Please link to images directly. This makes browsing easier for those using RES or through a mobile device. > 7. No posts involving the other sub, /r/Me_irl, allowed in any way.

Notice Board

> Please read this to investigate the difference between this sub and me_irl > We will remove reposts to maximize entropy in the queue > If your post is NSFW don't forget to mark it appropriately > Contrary to popular belief, this subreddit will not upvote memes that say we will upvote anything, so please don't post them > Rule 1 is a thing and it is being enforced. Just because something is "funny" doesn't mean it belongs here > Do not ask for upvotes in your submissions or comments. Your submission/comment will be removed and you may lose your ability to participate in the subreddit > * No "It is Wednesday my dudes" or similar memes. They are not you IRL

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