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Welcome to /r/Memes

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  • All memes need to follow the "general meme setup:"

    • Memes require two lines of text that contain a setup and a punchline.
  • Do not submit anything that you did not create yourself. ie. reposts

  • All memes must be directly linked, meaning that the URL needs to end in .png, .jpg, .gif, etc.
  • Do not "force" a meme.

    • A meme should become a meme naturally, not by you trying your hardest to turn your image macro into a "new meme."
  • No generic/vague titles. Be original.

  • No cake day, [fixed], or mobile link submissions.
  • No posting memes meant to push a personal/political agenda.
  • Link shorteners, facebook links, tumblr links, etc are not permitted.
  • Memes seen in real life, on the internet, or anywhere else do not belong here.

    • These should instead be posted in /r/MemesIRL.
  • Do not create memes out of a picture that you/someone you know took.

    • Seriously, never try to make a meme out of someone that you know personally. This is a bannable offense.
  • Be civil. Refrain from any type of hostility, personal attacks, or insults.

  • Have fun! :)

Sites to make memes

Are we missing a site? Let us know.

^^We ^^reserve ^^the ^^right ^^to ^^moderate ^^at ^^our ^^own ^^discretion.

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