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Welcome to /r/menstruation! Grab your chocolate and wine; settle that warm laptop on your abdomen and get ready to spread the love... or the rage... or both at the same time and maybe a few tears while we're at it... I don't know, we'll see how it goes.

Here in our happy subreddit we hope you will find:

  • Emotional Support
  • PMS relief tips
  • Period RageComics
  • Diva Cup/Menstrual Cup Support
  • Cloth Pad Info
  • anything else related to Mother Nature's gift

But please remember that if you ask a medical question, the answers are not professional. It is the best idea to always see a doctor if you have any problems that give you worry. If you think you might be/could be/are pregnant; TAKE A TEST

Always follow the rules of Reddiquette. Users spamming the sub with advertisements will be banned for 1 week. Continual violation will get you permabanned :( If you have a relevant product to sell, you may link it in a comment on a relevant submission by a user.

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