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Welcome to /r/mflb, home of the reddit Magic-Flight community!

Feel free to post what you like, but please read the rules below. Enjoy your stay!

Subreddit rules: Please read all rules before posting in the sub.

  • All questions are welcome. You may find your answer more quickly in /r/mflbguide, or by using the search bar of this sub.

  • Posts should relate to Magic-Flight or their products and should not promote other brands or products.

  • No personal attacks or other incivility.

  • NEVER post serial numbers or other personal information on this sub. Edit out all such information from photos before posting, or tape over or otherwise cover it before taking the photo.

  • /r/mflb is intended to be an 18+ sub.

  • Transactions are not permitted here. Please post anything related to buying/selling/trading in /r/entexchange.

  • Posts deemed to be of insufficient quality by the mods and/or community may be removed to reduce clutter. All casual posts are welcome at /r/lbregs.

If your post or comment is removed, usually it can be unremoved and made visible again after a quick edit. Please contact the moderators if you have questions or concerns about the rules or the sub. There's a link to do this on top of the mod list below the sidebar, or you can create a new message with "/r/mflb" in the Send field. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Helpful links:

  • /r/mflbguide - Crank your MFLB and Muad-Dib to the max! Very quick and easy to link here on reddit for anyone who wants help - just type /r/mflbguide and like any other subreddit it links automatically. Written by /u/mflbninja with user contributions, and still open to suggestions! (Note - please don't PM any of the mods with questions; ask them in /r/mflb instead.)

  • Magic-Flight official website - Browse products, FAQs and other information.

  • Magic Flight Connoisseur Club - The not-so-secret bargain store for current M-F product owners.

  • Contact Magic-Flight (including for WARRANTY service) - Talk to Magic-Flight. ...if doing a warranty claim, make sure to select the Warranty Service option in the drop down menu and follow the instructions.

  • DIY repair the cable to the Power Adapter - user-contributed guide to soldering a more durable electrical cable onto the Power Adapter, especially for units that are out of warranty (proceed at your own risk).

  • DIY variable wattage mod power adapter - user-contributed guide on how to use a variable wattage mod battery, an old atomizer, and some wire to power your LB or MD (proceed at your own risk).

  • MFLB Counterfeit Guide - This page can help you check your unit for authenticity if you are uncertain.

  • ADHDABE's Magic-Flight Product Reviews - Firsthand information regarding Magic-Flight products.

  • /r/lbregs - our chill spot, for the more casual posts and photos.

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