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Monster Hunter Guild Quests

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Welcome to this subreddit dedicated to sharing guild quests in MH4U!

If you fulfill certain conditions during an Expedition, such as slay the specified large monster, you might receive special gifts called Guild Quests. These Guild Quests can be registered via the menu and then selected from the Gathering Hall's Quest Counter. Once selected they can freely and without limit be sent to other players!

This is where this place comes in. You found a rare monster with a specific weapon? Post away! You have a bunch of rare monster quests in G-Rank for various weapons? Post away!

Subreddit rules:

1. Try to pay it forward: For every quest you receive, send at least one back to someone else.

2. Tag your posts! Include 3 things in your titles:

  1. If you are giving or requesting particular guild quests:

    [H], [give] or [Giving] for giving away quests

    [LF], LF or [request] for requesting certain quests with certain weapons

  2. What weapon your quests are:

    For example, you have a Greatsword / Longsword level 94 Ruby Basarios, you would start your title with: '[H] Omg guys I love you! Get your lvl 94 Ruby basarios today (GS)!'

  3. What monster you are talking about

Don't forget to add your Gathering Hall ID, FC if you want and PIN in your post if applicable!

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