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A subreddit for gifs, Michael Bay style

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A subreddit for gifs, Michael Bay style

Does your guy randomly explode for no reason? Submit it here!!

Remember, only gifs go here. For videos, go to /r/michaelbayvids!

View only [Request] posts

View only Michael Bay style .gifs


    1. Please label any request posts with [REQUEST]. All requests must also be in the form of a self text post.

    1. Any spam or non-exploding gifs will be removed

    1. Please use the NSFW tag accordingly for .gifs which contain gore or nudity

    1. All .gifs must have an exaggerated, random, and/or unexpected explosion. Anything else will be removed

    1. Credit the artist who made the .gif you requested. Any .gif submitted without giving credit to the creator will be removed.

    1. Your post should be an animated GIF or a gfycat post. Videos will be removed, sorry.

It's that simple :)

  • Use to upload your Michael Bay .gif! Bigger than 2 MB in size? Use! is also acceptable, and will convert your video or GIF so that it is viewable as a GIF and HTML5 video!

  • Go visit /r/shittyfilmquotes and submit your favorite lines from your favorite movies!

  • Check out our sister subreddit /r/wastedgifs!

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