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Marketplace for Microsoft Software

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> #Rules

>1. In the title of your post, please indicate what you [H]ave and what you [W]ant for it. If you aren't selling an item post [META] in the title.

>2. The trading, buying, and selling of pirated software is not allowed. This includes Microsoft products such as Windows and Office.

>3. We are not liable if you get scammed, the verified flair does not guarantee you a safe trade.

>4. You must become a Verified seller Before starting a store.

>5. Take a look at the resources on the sidebar to use the software you obtain on this sub before asking questions!

>6. You are not allowed to add tags in your title such as (Trusted), (Confirmed), (Cheapest), (XXX+ Trades), (AUTOBUY), etc.

>7. You are only allowed to re-list your shop once every two days

>8. You are not allowed to sell/trade any accounts.

>9. You are not allowed to sell all or parts of the Humble Bundle, It's considered profiting off a charity, and morally wrong.

>10. You are not allowed to sell keys that are obtained in free promotions.

> ##Minimum Posting Requirements

> 1. We are currently not allowing any new sellers in this subreddit at this time, we feel we have a good group of sellers and we have no need for new ones. If we decide to allow new sellers we will make an announcement in the subreddit, but until then we ask that you please refrain from asking the moderators if you can be a seller here, your message will just be ignored.

> 1. If you'd like to purchase a key no need to post, simply message the seller of your choice.

> ##Download Links

>NOTE: x86 means 32-bit edition, x64 means 64-bit edition


>Windows 7 All Editions

>[Win 7 All Versions] (


>Windows 8 (Will Not Work With Win 8.1 N keys)

>Windows 8 Standard/Pro x64


>Windows 8.1 (Will Not Work With Win 8.1 N Keys)

>Windows 8.1 Standard/Pro x64

>Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64


>Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise/Enterprise N

>[Windows 10 Home/Pro] (



>Office 2013 Professional Plus x86

>Office 2013 Professional Plus x64

>Office 2016 Pro Plus


>Windows 8.1 N Creation Tool

>[Windows 8.1 N Creation Tool] (


>Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard/Datacenter

>[Windows Server 2012 R2] (

>Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter

>[Windows Server 2016] (


>Visio Professional 2013

>[Visio Professional 2013 x64] (

>[Visio Professional 2013 x86] (


>Project Professional 2013

>[Project Professional 2013 x86/x64] (


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