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Minecraft - Suggestion Box

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Suggestions for Minecraft.

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Rules of the subreddit:

  • Be nice and follow reddiquette and site rules

  • Suggestions should be in English.

  • Keep your ideas realistic and concise. Drawings help illustrate your ideas well, they're not needed but encouraged.

  • Upvote and downvote submissions as you like them, upvote and downvote comments as they contribute to the discussion

  • No memes, even in the comments. Keep the comments constructive and helpful. If you don't have anything to add, simply upvote.

  • Bug reports go on the bug tracker, not here.

  • Spoilers work, in case you need to reference a secret or some story elements: Top Secret - Classified! [text](/spoiler)

  • You need 10 comment karma before you submit a suggestion. We want you to learn the ropes before you submit an idea.


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