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Minecraft's Suggestion Box

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>Welcome to the forum of choice for suggesting ideas for the wonderful game of MINECRAFT!

>This forum is for suggesting real changes to the game, and discussing the potential future of Minecraft. We have discussions, monthly themes, monthly highlights, discord chats, developer interaction(from time to time), soon-to-be subreddit multiplayer server, and more~!
Please read and respect our rules below before contributing.

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Subreddit Commandments:

>01• Be nice, courteous, and follow reddiquette and site rules

>02• Suggestions should be made in, or translated into English as the common language.

>03• Keep your ideas realistic and concise(Aka no joke posts). Drawings can help illustrate your ideas well; they're not needed but encouraged. Avoid links to videos without context.

>04• Only one suggestion per post. If you must include multiple, then make sure they're necessary to the post. Otherwise, make separate suggestions.

>05• Do not suggest the inclusion of parts of, or entire mods.

>06• Upvote submissions as you like them, but if you are going to "downvote", please comment why on the post.

>07• Upvote and downvote comments as they contribute to the discussion

>08• No memes, even in the comments. Keep the comments constructive and on-topic. If you don't have anything to add, simply upvote.

>09• Do not post bug reports here. They go on the bug tracker.

>10• You need 10 comment karma before you submit a suggestion. We want you to learn the ropes before you submit an idea.

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