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It's minimal cat art.

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Minimalism and cats. A community dedicated to artistic expression in its purrest form.


  1. Please only post images of minimalist cat art. Any piece of art is acceptable as long as it's a cat and minimal in style.

  2. Don't be judgmental to others about how they interpret the word minimal. Our vision is to enjoy the art and be excellent to each other.

  3. Minimal cat drawing requests are welcome. Users may post images, gifs or videos of cats for the community to draw in a minimalistic style. Please begin your title with [REQUEST] if you're posting a request thread.

  4. Self posts and constructive artistic advice is encouraged. Artists can offer tips, opinions and input to other artists who post content or questions to the sub.

  5. Feline art only. Content should include minimalist art of house cats or other members of the feline family.

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