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Mizzou Tigers

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Anything related to the University of Missouri-Columbia, or hating kU.

Subreddit Rules

Acceptable comments and posts are those that promote an honest discussion of issues, with an eye towards understanding one another's point of view. We expect participants here to respect diverse viewpoints, even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

Unacceptable content in comments and posts includes bigotry of any kind, arguing in bad faith, or arguing just to argue. Unacceptable conduct includes generally being abusive, as well as:

  • cursing (particularly at other users)


  • name calling

  • hostile rhetoric

  • "just asking questions"

  • No political advocacy for state or local candidates on this sub. Post it here instead. Political talk about MSA, GPC, or other campus elections is fine.

  • No witch hunts. Negative posts about faculty or current/recent students at Mizzou will be removed at moderator discretion.

Any link to a news or opinion story must include the original headline of the article.

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