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Mutual Masturbation Girls

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>##About the Sub:

>A sub dedicated to Mutual Masturbation, that being two or more girls helping each other masturbate.


>Slim fingers exploring

>While watching, adoring

>And being adored.


>Warm wetness increasing

>With movements unceasing

>Towards common chord.


>Their mutual pleasure

>At each other's treasure

>As climax unfurls!


>Sweet bodies are bared

>And sweet delights shared

>At /r/MMgirls


>Poetic talent courtesy of /u/MC-Master-Bedroom of /r/JackAndJill.

>##Content Rules:

>1. Females only

>2. At least 2 people

>3. Masturbating together or fingering each other


> Account must be more than 2 weeks old to make posts

>Only direct links allowed

>Please only post images/gifs from Imgur or Gyfcat, it is really easy to transfer to imgur from other sites; please do so.

> There are no specific video hosters you need to use, however really crappy sites or posts with 3< reports will be looked into by a moderator and may be removed.


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