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Monks Looking at Beer

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Welcome, brothers

This is a sanctuary for those wishing to post topics related to religious figures brewing, drinking, or simply looking at alcoholic beverages.

Discussion of monastical brewing/ examining of beer is also encouraged. Please refer to the wiki for any questions you might have.

This subreddit is best enjoyed whilst listening to monastic tunes

All posts must be tagged as [Art] , [Photograph] , or [Text] in the submission title

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1) Do unto your brothers as you would have them do unto you

2) Do not question the will of the Lord, for he works in mysterious ways

3) Do not fabricate images, as this is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord

4) See rule 2

Those who disrupt the order of this holy place will have their names immortalized on the wall of shame

posts containing images of spilt or broken flagons are considered graphic and must be tagged as NSFW

also please try to maintain a monastic atmosphere (no memes, all caps, ect.). Not strictly against the rules but generally frowned upon

special thanks to brother /u/javacode for help with CSS design

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