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Monster Hunter Clan

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>###For MH Discussion, check out /r/MonsterHunter!

>###SUBREDDIT RULES: - Please read the guide "How to be a Devilbro" before posting - After posting, click the flair button under your post title to mark your post according to the game you're playing. - Mark your posts NSFW when you're finished hunting to show the Quest Complete icon and let everyone know you're done hunting.

>###MH LFG Resources:

>>TeamSpeak Server:

>>- Server Rules. >- Current TS Server Status: Online
>- IP Address: >- PW: mhclan

>~~/r/MonsterHunterClan Discord~~

>Monster Hunter Guild Hall Discord (Official Discord partner)

>^New MH Adopt-a-Hunter (website and Discord link)

>MH Skype Group

>MHX Importers Skype Group

>/r/MHGuildQuests (For finding and hosting of MH4U GQs)

>###MHClan In-Game Meetups >Official MH3U Lobby:

>- G Rank B - Lobby 3 - Reddit.

>Official MH Frontier Server:

>- Page 2 - 3rd server - 10th world

>Official MHFU iOS Room:

>- Rooms 20000 - 20005

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