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For all your MH-related rage needs

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Welcome to this (growing, but still) small subreddit, where you can let all your rage out, and (maybe) make something magical happen in your future hunts. All non-rage discussion belongs in /r/MonsterHunter, however.

For more lax rage discussion (and other shenanigans), why not join the Official /r/MonsterHunter Discord Server?

RULES (heh, like anybody follows these)

1. Vent all you want. (Yes, all you want, but there are limits.)

2. No NSFW posts! (This is a fucking RAGE SUBREDDIT. There's no place for porn here.)

3. Don't lose all of your cool. (Self-explanatory.)

4. Shitposting will be lightly tolerated. (Some cases, I'll let it slide. If you make me chuckle, you get a special link flair.)

5. No personal attacks on other users. (Seriously.)

6. Don't be a dick. (I know you're upset about not getting that mantle after hunting the fucking Rathalos for the umpteenth time, but there's no need to take it out on other users. Really though, stop that.)

7. In relation to the above (and in light of recent announcements), CONSOLE WAR INITIATION AND TROLLBAIT POSTS ARE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN - Basically, anyone caught trying to incite drama/console war bullshit in this sub can and will be dealt with accordingly. As for what constitutes console war/trollbait, read the sticky. Hint: COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LACK OF MHXX LOCALIZATION ISN'T TROLLBAIT YOU FUCKS

Report anyone trying to violate these rules and they'll either be given a stern warning or a ban. It depends, really.

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