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Motion Tracked Boobs

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  1. Respect the users and moderators at all times.
  2. No comments along the lines of "ew" or "gross." We are here to appreciate the female form in sweet motion-tracked goodness, not hear your opinion.
  3. Constructive criticism is welcome
  4. Use the flairs when posting. We will remove any posts that do not have it and you will have to re-submit (unless they are not available)
  5. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are on mobile in which you will ask the mods to assist you in this manner
  6. Do not start arguments of any kind.
  7. Personal privacy is for everyone, subjects and users. Do not share or distribute any personal information unless they are professionals
  8. No "Questionable age" posts. If you are not sure-DON'T
  9. As humorous as it could be, "man-boobs" do not count
  10. No sites with re-directs of ANY kind
  11. [Request] posts are to be put in the stickied [Request] thread.



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