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The Reddit Movie Club

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  1. Welcome to reddit's Movie Club, a social place to share and discuss the films we love. Popular vote will determine our Movie of the Week.

  2. MotW submissions/discussion will take place in moderator-created posts

  3. MotW will be determined by upvotes only. One suggestion per comment, please

  4. Once movie has been MotW it can't be MotW again. Please check the Movie Archive to check if your movie has been chosen before. (There will be exceptions for special events eg Marathons, ect)

  5. Let's be nice - personal opinion regarding the films selected may vary greatly. Mocking/personal attacks are not welcome

  6. Try to keep spoilers to discussion threads, but if you can't please try to mark anything that's spoiler-ish as following:

[It was his sled. It was his sled from when he was a kid.](/spoiler)

Questions/suggestions for how Movie Club operates should be made here.

See you at the movies!


Current Movie of the Week:

Sister-subreddits: TV Club, Classic Films, Movie Suggestions, Game Society,Television Club

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Please check the "New" section, as sometimes important posts will not be on the front page.

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