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/r/MovieMusic - Because both movies and music are freaking great! (/r/moviemusic)

Ever watched a movie and couldn't get the soundtrack out of your head? Or heard a movie soundtrack that was so incredibly amazing that you just had to share it? YOU'VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!

For fantastic compositions, unique instrumentation, incredibly satisfying harmonies, or anything else that makes you love that track...

Here, you are welcome to post movie, short film, and TV (serial or episodic) show soundtracks.

So, get listening and enjoy!

Post videos, tracks, articles, research or anything else pertaining to movie music here.

Audio/Video Posting Guidelines

Links/Articles/Self Posting Guidelines

  • Use your own formatting, just be clear in the title!

Here is a complete list of more music subreddits

Also, check out our friends over at /r/animemusic and /r/gamemusic!

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