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Movies Circlejerk

A safe haven for the disciples of Quentopher Nolantino to practice freely without the persecution of /u/girafa (DAE Mods are literally fascists?).

If you enjoy MCJ, you may also enjoy /r/Dunkirk, /r/dadmovies, and /r/JamesBondcirclejerk. Alternatively you can rant about /r/movies at /r/IDontLikeRMovies and /r/IHateRMovies. Or just go back to /r/movies, you fuckin' Oscar bait-making pleb.

The docking scene from Interstellar



No. Strings. On. Me.


Image Macros


Complete list.



Jegel (JGL) - noun. a single unit of mindfuck

Base scaling:

Transformers :: Zero JGLs
Looperception :: 350 JGLs
The Shining :: 750 JGLs
Fight Club :: 1000 JGLs
Fight Club :: 1001 JGLs
Interstellar:: 2001 JGLs

Examples: "12 Monkeys was like 50 JGLs of Mindfuckery." and "tree fiddy jegels? shieeeeeet gotta be mo liek fo hundred brah"


Pretentious - adjective. Any movie made before (1994) that isn't in color. Movies made by Nicolas Roeg are also automatically pretentious. Movies that aren't Superhero movies are automatically pretentious too.

Example: "Why are you watching pretentious bullshit like Jean-Luc Godard movies?"



For spoilery stuff use:

[Spoilers](#s "NOLAN IS JESUS")

And it will look like


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