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Magic: The Gathering Financial Discussion

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  • Monday - Weekend Wrapup! What was real and what was a trap.
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday - Weekly Ask MTGFinance Anything
  • Friday - Things to look out for this weekend!

Subreddit Rules

1) If you are requesting research, or the answer to your question can be found through public knowledge, find it yourself and post it. Don't expect others to do work for you. No price checks.

2) Follow Reddiquette.

3) All posts must be related to the financial aspects of Magic.

4) Please do not submit threads asking what you should do with a particular card, cards, or your money.

5) Keep all trade or purchase requests to PMs or the general trading thread on r/magictcg.

6) No witch-hunts, no trolling and no flaming.

7) Search for similar discussions before posting a new thread.

8) Keep comments directed towards adding to the discussion.

9) Do not abuse other members in any way.

10) No link posts directly to card page for stats. If there is a change, there are better forums for viewing change than reddit posts.


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