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In this moment, I am Sephoric.

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> * No photoshop or filters [unless you're hot lol]
> * You MUST be endlessly positive, like MUST BE.
> * No throwing rocks at cats that shine > * Didn't post a product list? Your blood will be at the top of my next one. > * It doesn't count as flaunting your wealth unless the products are open and swatched (no returns allowed, poors). > * Those with the palest skin and most powerful brows will one day be chosen to lead mankind. Please vote accordingly.

Helpful shopping list for the boyfie/hubster <3 :

> * Dippi > * MAC Dupe
> * Pallet
> * Reblob Balck Charry > * Larac Super Mega Ultra Pro 9000 > * Cashmere butthole > * Damp n' Rowdy > * BIC® Wite-Out®


> * Mods can't enforce good taste. Upvote things you like and downvote unfunny shit. Being said... > * ~~Mob~~ Mod rules. We make the decisions, and will use our discretion. > * If something's over the line, report it. If something is just gross and doesn't belong, report it. If someone's being extraordinarily shitty (moreso than a regular CJ), report it. Post removals are made on a case by case basis. It helps us if there's a description, other than just <no reason>. > * Don't take yourself so seriously. Don't start drama, and for the love of Dippi, stop posting butthurt [RANTS] about us in MUA.
> * [SRS] posts that are actually 4real [srs] will be removed, please post those in MUACJdiscussion or in the reoccurring [srs] thread. > * Use .np links (replace "www" in link with "np") when linking to posts in other subs.

Subreddit friends :3

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  • /r/butthurtMUAsupport
  • /r/sugarfreemua, for all dat CC without dat constructive complimenting- get real help, tips, and advice sans sugarcoating.
  • /r/selfieaddiction, because potatoes are delicious and #nofilter rules all.
  • /r/SCAcirclejerk, you already look 30 years younger!
  • /r/muacjcirclejerk, YES THIS IS REAL.
  • /r/limecrime <3 cashmere butthole <3
  • /r/makeupaddiction, we're besties, betch.
  • /r/ABCJ Asian Beauty circlejerk!
  • /r/MinionHate SELF EXPLANATORY

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