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Multireddit Wiki

> ##About Multihub Welcome to /r/multihub. Feel free to create, discuss and discover multireddits.

> ##Read Before Posting > * Describe the content in the title. Categorize your multi after posting! If your multi is not categorized with flair within 10min after posting, it will automatically be removed. If it's not a public multi, it will be removed. Multis must contain at least two subreddits. Give credit where it is due.

> ##subreddit rules >1. Stay on topic. This is not a place to debate. 2. Any multireddits are accepted but use your best judgment. 3. Be polite. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. 4. All multireddits must be categorized with the appropriate flair. If your submission does not have flair within 10min of being posted, it will automatically be removed.

> ##related > * Our big lists of subreddits Ducky's subreddit classification, a playlister that supports multis

> # » Find Multireddits Related Reddits

> Life * places, travel * gender, sexuality * health, fitness * groups, people * food, drink * animals Informative * academia * philosophy, religion * news, politics * technology * business, industry Interests * shopping, giveaways * hobbies, collections * art, creation * reading, writing Entertainment * games * tv, movies, videos * music * sports * pictures, images * Other * NSFW (porn) * drugs * reddit * memes, circlejerk * other

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