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  1. Include resolution in the title before the description, following this format: [Resolution] Title.

  2. /r/multiwall is a subreddit for sharing multimonitor wallpapers, not for sharing large images. If you want to share a large, non wallpaper image, please submit it as a request to make it into a wallpaper, or edit it yourself so that it has a aspect ratio and resolution matching a normal multi-monitor setup. The minimum aspect ratio accepted is 8:3

  3. Flairs are available as well for different types of posts, please use them!

  4. Collections of wallpapers must have a common theme, e.g. a movie or cartoon. Try to limit them to about 15 pictures.

  5. Wallpapers large enough for multiple screens only.

  6. Credit the creator of a wallpaper if it is known.

  7. Be respectful.

  8. Request posts are allowed. Remember to assign them the 'request' flair once you've submitted them.

  9. Make sure to mark posts as NSFW when necessary. This is not just limited to nudity! Any kind of post that might be inappropriate at work or in front of your grandma.

  10. Follow reddiquette. More info [here.] (

  11. Reliable image-hosting sites like imgur are preferred for fast loading and use with RES.

  12. Use "Tiled" mode when setting up a wallpaper without a third part program to stretch it across both screens.


  • DisplayFusion - Free program which allows you to customize wallpapers across more than one monitor. Very useful. Paid version has a large amount of more features.

  • Multi Monitor Wallpaper - Paid program for setting up wallpapers for Mac computers.

  • UltraMon - "UltraMon is a utility for multi-monitor systems, designed to increase productivity and unlock the full potential of multiple monitors."

  • Rainmeter - Excellent software for customizing your desktop.

  • Rainlender - "Rainlendar is a customizable calendar application which stays out of your way but keeps all your important events and tasks always visible on your desktop."

  • Winsplit Revolution - "WinSplit Revolution is a small utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to make the best use of your desktop real estate."

  • Dual Monitor Tools - Allows you to take two images and put them together to fit your exact screen sizes

  • Waifu2X - Upscales images from anime styled art using deep convolutional neural networks. Really good for scaling up images for editing.

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