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Music Survivor

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How it works:

Every day, a thread for a certain album is posted. In that thread is a poll, and in that poll you vote for which track you think should be eliminated. Then the next day, the next poll is one without the track that was most voted out. It goes on until we have a winner, the last track remaining (hence why it's a survivor).

Then, something like this happens.


  • Only the mod team posts survivor threads. This centralization makes it easier to control everything and for everyone to keep track of what is going on.

  • Be nice. This shouldn't be complicated. Don't attack, insult, doxx, etc. people. Of course, we realize you may be jokingly telling someone that they're an idiot for thinking One Time 4 Your Mind is better than Represent (and they'd be right), so use your judgment wisely. Likewise, let's avoid racial/gendered slurs and ableism where possible. Be compassionate, and have respect for your fellow fans of music. Advice that has stuck with me from a friend: Always assume the most charitable view of what your interlocutor is saying, and always be as precise as possible with your own wording so that a charitable view isn't needed.

  • DO NOT MESSAGE THE MODS WITH ALBUM REQUESTS. Your request will be ignored and if you do it multiple times you will receive a mute or temporary ban. There are album request threads where your suggestions should go.

  • All site-wide rules apply. Pretty simple.

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