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Welcome to r/mycleavage, a place for women or their partner to share pictures of their gorgeous cleavage, so everyone can admire and appreciate what they love to show off.

In closing... we heart boobs.

Amateur only.

Cleavage of the Month is u/Epicshare123

u/SubMiscreant was picked by the Moderators and will be featured on the sidebar of r/MyCleavage for the month.

If you would like to be picked for Cleavage of the Month, simply post here or send a request to the mods. It helps to be verified.


If you would like to be verified submit a picture with a handwritten sign containing your username, the date, and r/mycleavage. Please include [verification] in the title.

Subreddit Rules

1) The person depicted in any photograph must be AT LEAST 18 years of age or older. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for underage pictures and those submissions will be deleted and action will be taken accordingly.

2) No trolls or nasty and offensive comments or PMs. Offenders will be banned after first incident. NO EXCEPTIONS We take harassment VERY seriously here. Click the report button or message the mods if you see something rude or offensive.

3) No posting or hinting at personal information. If you think you recognize someone, keep it to yourself!

4) Must be amateur and must be of yourself or consenting partner.

5) If you think something breaks the rules or is coming very close, click the report button and message the mods.

6) No picture hosts that use pop-ups imgur or gfycat only.

7) No selling of personal items on this subreddit, but sellers are welcome to post here.

8) Be sure upvote, comment and keep this community fun.

By posting here you agree to have your pictures be used for other purposes. The moderators reserve the right to remove any post for any reason at any time.

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