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Reaction gifs with ponies!

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This is a subreddit to post My Little Pony reaction gifs. The gif can be referring to anything, but it would be really nice if we could keep the gifs as pony stuff. Anyways, welcome!


  1. Keep it SFW please. NSFW pictures and comments will be removed.

  2. Be pony like! Follow Reddiquette!

  3. Submissions must be Reaction Gifs. Only Mod announcements will be allowed as text posts.


If a submission breaks the rules, please report it. If you report a comment, please message the mods with the reason you reported it and preferably a link to the comment so we don't have to look through all tons of comments to find it. If your submission gets caught in the spam filter, message the mods and we'll fish it out!

Remember to use Spoiler tags!

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To use an emoticon, enter [](/xyz)| :--| x for the letter at the top-left cell of a chart, y for the column and z for the row of the emoticon. Full guide here. NEW: Alternatively, you can use the name. For example, [](/flutterfear). There's text often hidden in the ponymoticons! Roll over them with your mouse to reveal.|

| | | | :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: a|0|1|2 0||| |/ajlie|/priceless|/flutterjerk 1||| |/twipride|/celestiamad|/twicrazy 2|||| |/lunateehee|/lunawait|/derpwizard| 3||| |/ajhappy|/pinkiefear|/twibeam 4||| |/raritydaww|/scootacheer|/swagintosh 5||| |/ajsup|/flutterwhoa|/rdcry 6||| |/ohcomeon|/ppcute|/abbored 7||| |/raritynews|/sbbook|/scootaplease 8||| |/twiright|/celestiawut|/grannysmith 9||| |/shiningarmor|/chrysalis|/cadance

| | | | | :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: b|0|1|2|3 0|||| |/flutterfear|/ppboring|/rarityyell|/fluttershy 1|||| |/ajcower|/ajsly|/eeyup|/rdsmile 2|||| |/fluttersrs|/raritydress|/takealetter|/rdwut 3|||| |/ppshrug|/spikenervous|/noooo|/dj 4|||| |/fluttershh|/flutteryay|/squintyjack|/spikepushy 5|||| |/ajugh|/raritywut|/dumbfabric|/raritywhy 6|||| |/trixiesmug|/flutterwink|/rarityannoyed|/soawesome 7|||| |/ajwut|/twisquint|/raritywhine|/rdcool 8|||| |/abwut|/manspike|/cockatrice|/facehoof 9|||| |/rarityjudge|/rarityprimp|/twirage|/ppseesyou

| | | | :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: c|0|1|2 0||| |/rdsitting|/rdhappy|/rdannoyed 1||| |/twismug|/twismile|/twistare 2||| |/ohhi|/party|/hahaha 3||| |/flutterblush|/gross|/derpyhappy 4||| |/ajfrown|/hmmm|/joy 5||| |/raritysad|/fabulous|/derp 6||| |/louder|/lunasad|/derpyshock 7||| |/pinkamina|/loveme|/lunagasp 8||| |/scootaloo|/celestia|/angel 9||| |/allmybits|/zecora|/photofinish

| | | | :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: e|0|1|2 0||| |/fillytgap|/rdhuh|/snails 1||| |/lyra|/bonbon|/spitfire 2||| |/cutealoo|/happyluna|/sotrue 3||| |/wahaha|/sbstare|/punchdrunk 4||| |/huhhuh|/absmile|/dealwithit 5||| |/nmm|/whooves|/rdsalute 6||| |/octavia|/colgate|/cheerilee 7||| |/ajbaffle|/abhuh|/thehorror 8||| |/twiponder|/spikewtf|/awwyeah 9||| |/gilda|/discentia|/macintears

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