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Nature is metal

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This subreddit contains graphic material that involves animals engaging in violence and other brutal conduct.

If this is not something you can handle, fucking leave.

We do not condone animal violence for sport or training animals to be used for animal fighting.

This subreddit exists to appreciate the brutality and unforgiving parts of nature.


Feeding Posts

There are no feeding posts of any kind allowed.
No exceptions.
This includes baiting an animal, like fishing.


Do not repost any content that has received 3,500 upvotes on the subreddit previously.

If the content in your post has been posted within the last SIX months it will be removed.

There are no exceptions.

Animals in Captivity

Do not post animals captured or trapped by humans. This includes animals in zoos or aquariums, as well as pets.

Pets are not a natural construct and are the result of generations of selective breeding.

Look at this Animal

Do not make a post that solely focuses on what an animal looks like. Unless the animal is doing something unique to itself and not its species, do not post a picture of it.

Remains of Animals

Do not make a post just showing the remains of an animal. Unless you captured the interaction between them, do not show us what is left. We have had too many "bird feathers in a pile" posts like this.

Animal Facts

If you post an animal fact in your title and provide a picture of an animal not giving an example of the fact you may be temporarily banned.

Give an example of the fact you are talking about in the title.


This is not a sub to post content with humans. If a person is the main subject of your post it will be removed.

If you are looking for human gore, check out:


Humans either directly or indirectly facilitating or being involved in animal violence will be taken down. This includes animals coming to harm at the hands of artificial objects and similar. Animals that attack humans unprovoked are allowed.

Do not post content that involves animals attacking human objects like cars, houses, bikes, etc.

Non-Animal Content

Weather patterns, abnormal flora, and anything else naturally occurring can be considered metal, but are not always.


This is a NSFW subreddit. All posts are tagged NSFW and moderators nor submitters can change this.

No Clickbait

Buzzfeed lists, and all other spammy bullshit will be taken down as soon as they are seen.

Non-Descriptive Titles

If your title does not accurately describe the the content or is purposefully misleading it will be removed.

>Bad Titles:

>"Wow, so metal" | "oh yeah!!" | "This is crazy"

This is left to moderator opinion.


The only shitposts allowed are of animals that are listening to metal music.

(eg: headbanging horse, death metal rooster)

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