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Neko Atsume!

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Welcome to the Neko Atsume community on Reddit!


  1. Be excellent to each other! Seriously: This is a nice place, for nice people!

  2. Don't spoil mementos. If you want to share a screenshot of a memento, please post the image as a link within a text post, or mark your image post NSFW to hide the thumbnail. Please don't reveal what the memento is in the title of the post. If you must mention a memento by name in a comment, use spoiler tags, or your comment will be removed. To use a spoiler tag in text, type:

    [Spoiler](/s Spoiler text goes here.)


    [Spoiler text goes here.](/spoiler)
  3. Suggestion, not rule: try not to spoil new cats in the week following an update. Instead of posting image links, use text posts with a link to your image within.

Some links to get you started - these may be most helpful for those playing the Japanese language version:

Here's a bunch of information and translations covering how to play Neko Atsume.

Here's an overview of each cat, and each cat's favorite toys!

And here's a ton of information about the cats and other details about how to play the game.

There is also a Wikia containing LOTS of information.

Here's a link to a thread compiling all Neko Atsume web manga episodes!

Here's a link to the mega-thread discussing how to get Cream-san/Peaches to visit!


More FAQ here

I get an error message when I take photos! - This is almost always resolved by going into your phone's settings and making sure the the Neko Atsume app has permission to access your camera/photos.

How do I attract ___ cat? - Please do a little searching before posting about how to attract a certain cat. Your question has almost certainly already been answered!

Manzoku/Tubbs only left me a few fish, that jerk - DON'T REFILL THE FOOD BOWL WHILE HE IS STILL THERE! You have to wait for him to leave on his own in order to get max fish rewards.

I ran the tutorial, but no cats have appeared! - Reboot the app and/or reboot the phone and reopen the app - this will almost definitely resolve the problem.

I got an error message about not being able to play until 2018! - This happens when you mess with the clock on your phone. Don't do it!

Japanese name -> English name:

Shironeko -> Snowball

Kuroneko -> Smokey

Shirokuro -> Spots

Haiiro -> Shadow

Tobimike -> Sunny

Chatora -> Fred

Shirochatora -> Pumpkin

Mike -> Callie

Shimamike -> Tabitha

Sabigara -> Bandit

Hachiware -> Gabriel

Pointo -> Marshmallow

Kutsushita -> Socks

Haishiro -> Lexy

Kujitora -> Bolt

Shirokiji -> Breezy

Sabatora -> Misty

Shirosaba -> Pickles

Oddo -> Pepper

Buchi -> Patches

Tobi -> Gozer

Chawachi -> Cocoa

Mugiwara -> Princess

Akage -> Ginger

Kuriimu -> Peaches

Akasabi -> Spud

Shirotora -> Mack

Kurobuchi -> Speckles

Kurotora -> Willie

Haihachi -> Rascal

Shiromike -> Dottie

Haisabi -> Spooky

Kuriimutora -> Apricot

Choko -> Ganache

Usumike -> Pasty

Fujideko -> Chip

Shimapointo -> Melange

Torapointo -> Macchiato

Tatejima -> Joe DiMeowgio

Nagagutsu -> Senor Don Gato

Purinsu -> Xerxes IX

Nabeneko -> Chairman Meow

Nekomata -> Saint Purrtrick

Koikoi -> Ms. Fortune

Yamaneko -> Bob the Cat

Ekicho -> Conductor Whiskers

Manzoku -> Tubbs

Osamurai -> Mr. Meowgi

Amesho -> Lady Meow-Meow

Bisutoro -> Guy Furry

Maromayu -> Kathmandu

Sufin -> Ramses the Great

Kafe -> Sassy Fran

Kiddo -> Billy the Kitten

Yukineko -> Frosty

Safuaia -> Sapphire

Sebasu -> Jeeves

Roger -> Bengal Jack

Shinobu -> Whiteshadow

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