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Nearly Impossible Odds

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Sir, the probability of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately...

Never tell me the odds?


  1. Submissions must be nearly impossible feats of achievement, those with great degree of difficulty or incredible odds.

  2. Do not mention odds or probabilities anywhere, in the post title or comments. Doing so will result in a one day ban.

  3. Do not repost content that's been posted here within 6 months or is in top 50 of all time

  4. Easily faked posts are prohibited - no r/untrustworthypoptarts


  6. Image and gif submissions must be hosted at imgur, gfycat or reddit. submissions are not allowed

  7. No hate speech of any kind. No witch-hunts, brigading or harassment

  8. Be nice. Follow the site rules and reddiquette.

  9. Please mark your posts as NSFW when appropriate.

  10. 'Juxtaposition' posts that are not incredibly rare or odds defying will be removed

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