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Since there are a ton of new reddits, and discovering the good ones can be hard, discover or announce them here.

How to create a successful subreddit

FAQ / Rules :

Does my subreddit have to be new to promote it in /r/newreddits?

No. "New" means "New to the reader", not "New to reddit".

Can I promote my subreddit more than once?

If it's a one time announcement because you took over an abandoned subreddit, a repeat post is OK. If you are posting your subreddit repeatedly to get more attention, you are a spammer, and shall be dealt with accordingly (If you see people repeatedly posting a subreddit: Report it to the mods and message us, so we can deal with it).

Can I promote any type of subreddit?

No. Here's the guidelines:

  • Pornography, or subreddit that frequently displays "normal" NSFW content? Yes, as long as you mark your submission as NSFW
  • If you submit subreddits in violation of Reddit rules, we will delete your submission, and we will report you to reddit admins.
  • The following topics are ineligible and results in instant and permanent bans of the submitter's account, and all subreddits the submitter moderates: Revenge porn, animal cruelty, violent/non-consentual pornography, torture porn and subreddits whose general content is NSFL.
  • Subreddits that are likely facing quarantine for being offensive to regular Reddit users are also ineligible.

Other places to promote your reddit: - subreddit directory - subreddit search and tools

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