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Newspeak: a prolefeed

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Welcome to r/newspeak, a prolefeed about newspeak, badwords, and thinkpol.


  • Say in newspeak.
  • Say about whatever you want.

Do not:

  1. OLDSPEAK. Do not oldspeak. It is bad and makes thoughtcrime. Crimestop. <oldspeak>If you absolutely need to use oldspeak, tag it like this. Minitrue will judge whether your departure from newspeak is justified, or whether it is endemic of oldthink, in which case your comment will be removed. One example where briefly oldspeaking might be allowed is if you've coined a new newspeak term, and people are having trouble understanding it. But you should always first give people a chance to infer its meaning from context.</oldspeak>

Maniwise asked questions:
(Also in oldspeak)

Is this a "free speech zone"?

No. Ideologically, this subreddit supports freedom of speech as a matter of right in legal contexts, and, to a lesser extent, as a matter of principle in the context of large public forums like university campuses or massive social networking sites (no, not individual forums on those sites). If you think we should take a more expansive view, that is your right, and you are welcome to post about it (just tag it [meta] and make sure to keep it in newspeak). But, so, no, we do not believe there is anything stopping us from removing comments based on their contents. We do try to be pretty transparent, though, about what we remove comments for.

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